Exist Welcomes Dave Snaddon to the Team!

dave snaddon skateboarder

Exist is very proud to announce a new new addition to the team, Mr David Snaddon of Bristol.

Snadz is a familiar face in the UK skate scene and recently had his very own Sidewalk cover, he’s an epic shredder and all round top fella, we could not be any happier to have him on board!

We like to do things by the book here at Exist so we need you to keep an eye on him and if you see him breaking his contract give us a call and we’ll whip him back into shape…

exist skate shop team dave snaddon

Just before we closed the park to soundproof the roof and change the street course we let Dave off his leash. Snadz is one of those guys that has ridiculous pop, anyone who has skated the blocks in the last two tricks prepare to have your mind blown!